Justice Rogers has been fighting the duality of “justice” his entire life. His is the conflict between justice… and justice for the injustice. When he raps Justice is speaking in the context of those, some may consider to be, “Young Boys”. Justice highlights the young generations down falls as well as their upsides. Justice’s major musical influences include TI, Jeezy, and Gucci. Justice began writing in the 4th grade. When in class he was given an assignment to write a poem, and quickly realized his passion. It took no time at all for the love of Writing to develop into a love for rapping. Justice, being your average 21 year old of this generation, is a party kid by nature, but still a lyricist by trade. His untouchable energy, natural ability to rap and general love of being the center of attention, makes him an animal on any stage. Everyday Justice lives the universal conflict of man. With the pressure that stands behind his name, Justice still hasn’t chosen which side to stand for. Will he choose to be on the side of good or fall victim to the lures of Evil.

Will he play for the team of Justice… Or justice for the injustice?

You decide.

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